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— one of the largest industry enterprises in Russia

The accumulated experience, strict adherence to classical technologies, providing consumers with high-quality products at affordable prices, conscientious work in any situation on the grain market are the basis for the success of the enterprise.

The authority and recognition of Perm flour is annually confirmed by the awards of prestigious international, industry, regional reviews and contests of product quality.

Perm Flour Mill JSC has the highest industry award - “The Best Mill in Russia”. In 2019, the first stage of the certification “Made in Russia” was successfully passed at the Russian Export Center.

The Russian Exporter sign raises the status of the company among competitors, increases the level of trust on the part of investors, customers and partners.



up to 1K tons of grain

The production facilities consist of two sections for the production of high-grade flour, and a section for the production of peeled rye flour, with the possibility of producing more than 140K tons of flour per year. The optimal grinding lot is formed from grain grown in the best granaries of the country.

The elevator can accept 56K tons of grain for one-time storage. During the existence of the enterprise due to the introduction of modern technologies, the volume of production has grown more than 4 times. A long-term production development program has been introduced and is in force.

Planned reconstruction of the equipment of the main workshops. To improve the technology of grain cleaning for the first time in Russia, a photoelectronic separator was installed at the factory elevator. Thanks to the system of two-sided inspection of the product and the ability of secondary (control) sorting, careful sorting of the grain material occurs.


is a priority in the work of the plant

Products under the Bird-Mill trademark are produced according to classical technologies using reproducible equipment of the Swiss company Buhler, and packaging is carried out on the Favema line. Delivery to numerous consumers is carried out by road and rail.

High baking qualities of Perm flour products are confirmed by the results of research by technologists of the production and technological laboratory of the enterprise, equipped with the most modern equipment.

Perm Perm Flour Mill JSC has been cooperating with an international level company - NESTLE-RUSSIA LLC for many years. A social audit regularly conducted by NESTLE confirms the high level of social and ethical responsibility of the Company, the presence of a systematic approach to the organization of the production process, compliance with laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, compliance with all applicable environmental norms and rules in the environmental field.



Russian Union of flour and grain enterprises of Russia
Perm chamber of Commerce and industry

Our reward

Products manufactured by JSC «Perm flour mill»,
including flour Bird-Mill Trademark, awarded with high prizes and awards prestigious industry and international product quality contests


«The best mill in Russia»

The most significant and honorable for Perm flour mills is the award with the highest industry award “The Best Factory in Russia”. The competition is held by the Russian Union of Russian Milling and Groats Enterprises.

The plant was awarded 4 times, including for the introduction of advanced technologies, efficient use of production capacity and the release of high-quality products.


For high quality products

Every two years, the International Industrial Academy holds an All-Russian review of the quality of flour and cereals.

In 2018, premium-grade flour produced by Perm Flour Mill AO was awarded the Grand Prix “For high quality products”.


For high quality products

The whole line of products of the Poultry-Mill TM, including peeled rye flour, was repeatedly awarded the gold medal of the All-Russian Review of the Quality of Flour and Groats.


«100 best goods of Russia»

One of the most prestigious projects in the field of quality in the country is the All-Russian Competition Program "100 Best Products of Russia".

The plant's products have repeatedly become the laureate and diploma of the program.


Taste of quality

In 2018, Perm Perm Flour Mill AO for high achievements in the field of quality and safety of food products received the Taste of Quality prize for products of the Ptitsa-Factory Factory premium baking flour.

The plant received an honorary diploma “GOLDEN HUNDRED” of the All-Russian Program-Competition “100 Best Products of Russia”.
Based on the results of participation, the Perm flour mill has the right to label products with the special sign “100 best goods of Russia”.


«Buy Perm»

In 2018, the “BUY PERM” project reached a new level. Perm flour mill was one of the first enterprises to receive the “Quality Guarantee” mark for the project on high-quality baking flour, peeled rye baking flour ТМ “Bird-Factory”.


1912 - 1915

The Kama coast has long been associated with mills. The first mill in Perm was built by the merchant Mitrofanov in 1912. Its productivity was small - grinding 500 pounds of rye per day. In 1915, the second merchant mill of the Kamensky and Meshkov brothers appeared next to her. Its productivity has already reached 1000 pounds of rye grain.

1941 - 1948

The prewar and war years dramatically changed the proportion of the urban and rural population of the region. It was already impossible to do without industrial production of flour. According to a government telegram in 1941, the Council of People's Commissars of the Soviet Union ordered the People’s Commissariat to build a mill in Perm with a capacity of 150 tons of grain per day. In 1942, a wooden three-story wallpaper mill was built. It was she who provided the city with flour during the Great Patriotic War. It has already received rye and wheat flour.

1949 - 1954

In 1949, the construction of a mill began on the territory of the mill. On December 20, 1953, the first stage of the elevator with a capacity of 12K tons and the facilities necessary for its operation were commissioned. Worked at the construction site are fervent and full of strength guys and girls who came from different parts of the country.


On June 30, 1955, a high-quality grinding mill with a productivity of 300 tons of grain per day was commissioned. This date is considered the official opening day of the Perm flour mill.

1967 - 1990

In 1967, the sections of the grinding mill, the grain cleaning department were completely reconstructed, the transition to bulk distribution of flour to bakeries, batch loading of flour into wagons was mastered, roundabout-mounted apparatuses were mounted. In 1985-88, complete equipment was installed with a high degree of automation in the process and the complete mechanization of the operations of filling, suturing and shipment in the finished product stream. The 90s were the most difficult for the enterprise: the period of the formation of market relations in the country and in the industry, when centralized grain supplies were cut off, ties with consumers were broken, and competition for markets intensified over time.

2000 - 2010

After going through difficult years of formation, maintaining personnel potential and financial independence, the company produces competitive, high-quality products. In 2005, the powerful packaging line FAWEMA was launched. During these years, the company installed unique equipment - a photoelectronic separator, a granulator. A berth for receiving grain by water was built.


In 2012, it was decided to create a new brand of flour. A beautiful and romantic name appeared in Perm flour - “Bird-Mill”! The slogan for the new brand was born almost immediately:
"Bird Mill" - quality is appreciated!


Today Perm Perm Flour Mill JSC is the largest enterprise in the milling and cereal industry of the Western Urals, producing up to 15 thousand tons of assorted products per month.


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